Nathan Witteveen

Portfolio Manager – Industrials & Incoming Chief Investment Officer

Nathan is in his third year of the Queen’s Commerce program, and serves at the Industrials Portfolio Manager for Limestone Capital. In addition to Limestone, Nathan currently serves as Case & Operations Director for the Queen’s Finance Association Conference, and a Project Manager for the Queen’s Private Capital Group.


At Queen’s, Nathan previously served as an Industrials Analyst for Limestone Capital, achieving absolute sector returns of 16% across a 4-month period. Additionally, he served as a Project Manager for the Queen’s Private Capital Group, where he provides pro-bono advisory services to private equity and venture capital firms in the form of market research, investment screening, and search mandates.


This upcoming summer, Nathan is excited to be joining Goldman Sachs in their NYC Investment Banking Division. In the previous summer, Nathan was an Equity Research Analyst at Gluskin Sheff + Associates, a Toronto-based asset manager with $8.9B in AUM. He was responsible for analyzing industry drivers, research reports, financial statements, investor presentations and earnings call transcripts to develop investment ideas and valuation models.


Nathan enjoys listening to music and playing the guitar and piano. He is a watch enthusiast, badminton player, and a citizen of both the Netherlands and Canada.


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